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next MDXC event:




03-05/ July / 2009


:: GLORIEUSES 2009 ::


MDXC is one of the sponsors


One Ham radio team of 3 to 4 military operators along with two reporters from SIRPA are going to reach Glorioso island by 9th July and will stay there up to 28th July 2009.
The video reporter team has to make several footages and documentaries, the main one about the dxpedition itself.
They are going to work from 160 to 6 m in as much mode as possible.
The callsign is currently confidential ! It could be a surprise for more than one !
We are going to get three stations and we will be welcome by the Foreign Legion.
All the equipments are going to be loan by the F6KOP team and F4AJQ CDXC president.
Leader and QSL manager : F5OGL Didier
Webmaster : F5CQ Rafik
We are looking to get as much support as possible from our sponsors.
We hope to put the log online every day and Rafik will up date it as soon as possible.
Operators : F5IRO (TO4E), F5PRU, F5TLN and if possible F4EGS, F5RQQ.

For all members of MDXC, the qsl is free... any member after the dx-pedition can send date of qso's to secretary mdxc@mdxc.org Questo indirizzo e-mail protetto dallo spam bot. Abilita Javascript per vederlo. and recived via post the qsl without contribution etc. (only our email .... for recived a newone Occhiolino )

p.s. this service is only for MDXC members

more info on : http://glorieuses2008.free.fr/index-e.htm




:: IA5/IZ5OVP ::

IA5/IZ5OVP Mauri well be actived from Elba Island - IOTA EU028, IIA LI001, MIA MI-022 in date - 24/25 May 2009.
QSL via home call ( bureaux or direct )


:: ID9N ::


just a quick note about next IOTA Dxpedition - please foward details to your bulletin and club members.

A multiop team (IZEHO Andy, IZFKE Vic, IKXFD Giordano, IKZCW Alberto, IZFMA Alberto, IZGKX Claudio) will make some noise from Vulcano Island (Eolian Group) EU-017 during last week of April (25 to 30) All Bands All Modes. Trying to give a new prefix & Iota reference for hunters outside europe, two high power stations will operate from this dangerous outpost. During operations will be active a 6m beacon from gridsquare JM78lj (ID9N/B mhz 50.006) - Latest mobile solutions will provide internet link for ID9N stations, so daily updates will be online (Log&Pictures) @ www.id9n.com - QSL Via IZGKN


:: AT9RS AS-177 new one ::

DL4KQ . VU3RSB and VU2JOS, will be actived form AS-177 new one IOTA

all notice on official web site


 :: MOGADOR iota AF-065 ::

18 to 26 april 2009 a team of italian friends well be actived from Mogador isl. AF-065 on
HF, VHF, WHF bands, all modes (SSB, CW, M.S., RTTY, PSK31)
The call is :
5C2A (ik2aqz)
5C2C (ik6cac) mdxc #159
5C2F (ik2fug)
5C2G (iz7gwz)mdxc #430
5C2J (ik7jwx) mdxc #178
5C2L (i8lwl)mdxc#097
5C2SG (iz7atn)
5C2Z (i8ygz) mdxc#438
5C2Y (i0sny)mdxc#289
QSL via Home Calls.
Web site : www.mogador2009.altervista.org


:: TS7C RTTY dx-pedition RECORD ::

Our compliment to the TS7C team, for the good results of the  activity. More info and pictures on:


 ::  E 4 4 M  ::



Closed with:
more of 30.000 QSOs

The team includes the following members: IK2CIO-IZ0BTV-IZ0EGM-IZ4AKS-C31CT-IZ8IYX-SP3DOI.
MDXC is one of the sponsors


::  ZA0 Sazan isl. EU-169 ::


The Team I8LWL mdxc#097, IK7JWX mdxc#178, I0SNY mdxc#289, I8YGZ mdxc#438 and  IK2QAF

 15.228 qso's


MDXC is one of the sponsors


::9L1X AF-056 ::


MDXC is one of the sponsors



:: Book 2008 ::



::   IQ8MD/P IOTA EU-144   ::

photo and more on www.mdxc.org/eu144



:: IOTA CONTEST 2008 ::


The Mediterraneo DX Club, SWL Section, is proud to invite all SWLs to the IOTA SWL Contest. The SWL Section, discontinued in 2005, has been recovered by the MDXC/SWL in cooperation with the RSGB HFCC and will take place in parallel to the IOTA Contest, from 12 UTC on 28 July to 12 UTC on 29 July 2007. The SWL GEOFF WATTS Plaque, to honour the founder of the IOTA Programme, and several certificates are presented by the MDXC. Full rules and information,  are available here.
IOTA SWL Contest Manager: Dan I1-12387

MDXC Is one of SPONSOR !



:: Mediterranean Islands Award ::


Directory update and new score is online on:




      New Scores online visit here!

ANTARCTICA  AWARD is Official Source of information for the
 IOTA  Programme on Antarctic Base

MDXC Is one of SPONSOR !

Rules and Antarctica News !!!Clik Here











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